Intrigue and Magnificence: The Sun King’s Paradise

The magnificent court of the Bourbon Kings at Versailles formed the backdrop for some of the most beautiful and enigmatic music of the baroque period, where the soft, intimate sounds of the flute, viol and harpsichord were particularly beloved of the Sun King. More eclectic tastes prevailed under his successor, Louis XV, encouraged by the inimitable Madame de Pompadour. In this programme, experience the two sides of French baroque, from the dark and sensuous music of King’s inner chambers, to the country and courtly ‘fetes galantes’ beloved of the French aristocracy.

Quartet programme typically includes:

A Dornel: Sonate en Trio ‘La Triomphante’
F Couperin: Pieces de Clavecin
N Chedeville: Sonata from ‘Il Pastor Fido’
JP Rameau: Pièces de Clavecin en Concert
JM Leclair: Deuxième Recreation de Musique
M Marais: Pièces de Violes


Audio: Dornel Sonata in D major

Audio: Boismortier Gentilesse in G major