Based around a core of regular members, and trusted guest artists, Passacaglia has a flexible line-up that adapts to a wide range of different repertoire, venue sizes, and promoter budgets. We’re always happy to discuss possibilities. The following illustrate some of the ways we’ve played recently, but there are even more permutations:


Passacaglia often plays as a quartet – flute/recorder, viola da gamba and harpsichord, with an additional recorder or violin completing the classic ‘trio sonata’ group. This is ideal for a huge amount of baroque music, including works by Vivaldi, Handel, Bach, Telemann, and French composers like Marais, Dornel and Rameau.

For more flexibility the quartet can be joined by a solo singer, to take in cantata and song repertoire, or with lute/guitar for extra accompaniment colour. Or indeed both together, for a particularly sumptuous and flexible sound. For something a little bit different we can enlist a musette (bagpipe) player to explore both Italian and French rustic ‘champetre’ repertoire.

Passacaglia trio

A trio configuration – flute/recorder, viola da gamba and harpsichord – is amazingly flexible, and ideal for a great deal of superb solo and obbligato sonata repertoire. This is the line-up used for Passacaglia’s successful Telemann:Time:Travel CD, as well as many recent and forthcoming concerts.

Passacaglia with the Monteverdi String Band

We regularly collaborate with the expert historical string players of Monteverdi String Band for some bigger repertoire such as Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos and cantatas, Telemann’s recorder concertos, concerto grossos by Handel and Corelli, and chamber concertos by Vivaldi. Ideal for larger venues and festivals.