Vivaldi Undercover

Vivaldi, as popular in the baroque period as now, was unashamedly imitated, borrowed-from and re-arranged by composers across Europe. In this invigorating and colourful programme, suitable for all kinds of audiences, leading baroque ensemble Passacaglia explores Vivaldi’s music as it masquerades in various different guises…

  • Experience some of Vivaldi’s popular Four Seasons like you’ve never heard them before, re-arranged by a Frenchman with a Marie-Antoinette-style ‘champetre’ twist
  • Find out what wonders ensue when the great JS Bach re-crafts Vivaldi’s violin concertos for keyboard
  • Explore a real eighteenth century Parisian ‘identity theft’ in the form of Nicolas Chedeville’s jaunty chamber music fakes and ‘borrowings’
  • Enjoy Passacaglia’s very own winning adaptations of Vivaldi’s works from concerto arrangements to the famous Follia variations

Vivaldi: Undercover can be performed with a range of line-ups to suit different budgets, from a quartet to an action-packed septet with virtuoso hurdy-gurdy or musette.

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