Christmas at the Tuileries

Christmas at the Tuileries


Christmas at the Tuileries re-imagines a typical Christmas Day programme at the very special and unique concert series known as the ‘Concert Spirituel’, at the Tuileries Palace in Paris. This festive programme Includes a chamber version of Corelli’s famous Christmas Concerto (hugely popular in France at the time), plus traditional French Noel settings by Lalande and Balbastre, and music by French leading composers, Forqueray and Leclair. Our programme concludes with Telemann’s Paris Quartet in D major: apart from Corelli, Telemann was one of the very few composers from outside France to have his works performed at this elite venue. Hearing his Nouveaux Quatuors for flute, violin, viola gamba and continuo performed by some of the greatest Parisian virtuosi of the day was one of Telemann’s lifetime highlights, and these powerful pieces remain some of the most popular chamber works in the baroque repertoire today.

Music includes:

Corelli: Christmas Concerto
Lalande: Noels en Trio
Balbastre: Suite de Noels
Telemann: Nouveaux Quatuor No 1 in D major
Leclair: Deuxième Recreation de Musique
Forqueray: Pieces de Viole

Passacaglia lit by candles, with instruments