Café Zimmerman

Gottfried Zimmermann’s bustling coffee house in Leipzig formed the perfect venue for a series of public concerts – the first anywhere in Europe – in the early 1700s. The brainchild of the entrepreneurial GP Telemann, then still a student in Leipzig, and later overseen by his compatriot JS Bach, these concerts ran successfully for nearly forty years. Music from all genres was presented, with chamber music to the fore. Our programme recreates a typical evening’s entertainment from the Café, with music by Telemann, Bach and their friends and contemporaries.

Available in various line-ups from duo to quintet and with optional soprano soloist, this programme typically includes:

GP Telemann: Trio Sonata ‘Ladies of Antiquity’ from Der Getreue Music-Meister/ ‘Paris Quartet’ no 6 in E minor
JS Bach: Aria Ei! Wie schmeckt from Cantata BWV 211 (‘Coffee Cantata’)
G F Handel: Trio Sonata op 2 no4
CPE Bach: Flute Sonata in E minor Wq124
JS Bach: Italian Concerto BWV 971
JJ Quantz: Trio Sonata for flute and violin/Trio Sonata for flute and recorder

Telemann: Sonata in B flat for recorder and obbligato harpsichord