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  • Mon

    To Touch the Heart


    Verdala Palace, Rabat, Malta

    Part of the Valletta Baroque Festival 2022

    Music from the Royal courts of Prussia for flute, viola da gamba and harpsichord.

    Centred around the dramatic and touching works of CPE Bach, a composer who audaciously broke free of the conventions of earlier generations, our programme also includes contributions by three talented women – notably King Frederick’s cultivated sisters Wilhelmina von Bayreuth and Anna Amalia; and by Wilhelmina’s remarkable young Italian protégée, Anna Bon, fresh from training at the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice. Like Emanuel Bach, all of these highly respected women composed music for flute and harpsichord – adding depth to our understanding of the cultural achievements of this remarkable era.

    CPE Bach Sonata for Bass Recorder, Viola da Gamba and bc
    Sonata in E minor for flute and bc
    Variations on Les Folies d’Espagne Wq 118/9
    JS Bach Ricercar a 3 from The Musical Offering BWV 1079
    Frederick the Great, King of Prussia – Sonata in C minor for Flute and bc
    Wilhelmine von Bayreuth Sonata for Flute and bc in A minor 
    Anna Bon de Venezia Sonata for flute and bc in F major